Insights into what is involved in buying, selling & living in Portugal

Schools in the Lagos area

COMMUNITY 1/09/20 Back to School 2020 Parents will be heaving an even bigger sigh of relief this September when kids head back to school, many for the first time since March. Tomorrow has compiled this special report on how the state school system works in Portugal for anyone wishing to enrol their children for the new school year. Read more →

Cost setting up a Portuguese company

Cost setting up a Portuguese company Setting up a Portuguese company may now be a better option then the old off-shore structure. Things have changed and what was the thing to so 20 years is from the past. A Portuguese company should have at least: a name share capital shareholders directors an official accountant We can assist in co-operation with our solicitor, with the formation of a company and the following cost will be involved. Read more →

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in Spain!

Capital Gains Tax Spain Index Capital Gains Tax Spain+ The residents in Spain as well as the non-residents are supposed to pay the capital gains tax in Spain at least once in their lifetime. Unlike other forms of taxes such as wages, capital gains are more complex to calculate, and therefore harder to tax. Read more →

The Know Your Client Rules

Know Your Client Rule Before providing you with advice, investment advisors must meet the requirements of the “Know Your Client” (KYC) rule to ensure their advice is suitable for you. At your first meeting, your investment advisor will ask for your: Marital status Age – your date of birth Occupation – if you are retired, your occupation before you retired Income – your annual income from all sources, including employment income and investment income Net Worth – an estimate of your total assets less your total liabilites Number of dependants Risk tolerance: your willingness to accept investment risk and your ability to withstand financial losses Investment objectives: why you are investing or what you intend to use your investments for Investment knowledge and experience: your knowledge of investing, investment products and the associated risks Time horizon: how long you expect to keep the majority of your account invested to reach your investment objectives Your investment advisor will need to know whenever you have a change in your personal circumstances, such as a meaningful change in employment, income, assets, liabilities, marital status or family situation. Read more →

Asset allocation on AL licensed properties

OWNERS OF HOLIDAY RENTAL PROPERTIES FACE CAPITAL GAINS TAX BLOW Two news items relating to the Alojamento Local (AL) registration system for those property owners involved in short-term lettings to tourists further have reduced the chances of anyone registering without being forced to. Owners who have their AL licence and who later remove their property from the scheme, for whatever reason, then are liable to pay capital gains tax, whether they are selling their property or not. Read more →

Documents needed when selling

It is always advisable to seek independent advice, from a lawyer, solicitor of another specialist. It is important to verify of the plans approved of your house by the local Town Council are in line what is really build. An object destined for permanent living needs to have the following documents. Read more →

Help selling your property

SALE through the intervention of ROBAN ReAct Ldª As we are a fully licensed estate agent with license number AMI-19561 with trading name: REALESTATE–ALGARVE So, we also can promote the sale of the property. Your property will be placed on our websites And furthermore, on all main real-estate portals till it is sold. Read more →

Utilities and their costs In Portugal

What are the Monthly Costs and How to Connect Moving to Portugal or any foreign country can be daunting. One of the first things you have to sort out is the basics such as the utilities in Portugal. Yes, those nasty bills for things you need in your home that have to be paid for every month, but we can’t live without. Read more →

Selling your property

SELLING YOUR PROPERTY ROBAN Realestate Actividades Ldª, is a Portuguese company with Robert M.L. Snapper as Director. It has a real estate license with nº AMI 19561 and in fact is a continuation (restart) of Ricola Algarvia Ldª (AMI-1206) which ceased activity on 31-12-2009. For over 30 years we have been known under our marketing name REALESTATE-ALGARVE and personally I have been in the real estate business for some 40 years. Read more →