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Marriage is both a social and legal process. Getting married may change the partners’ legal and financial status, their rights to residency and nationality, their susceptibility to taxation, and the rights of their heirs. It also brings new legal responsibilities. It is therefore well worthwhile consulting the relevant consulates and taking professional legal and financial advice before deciding on the form of marriage to adopt. Read more →

Registration of Hydric Resources

Registry of Hydric/Water Resources Accordingly to the law 226A dated the 31st of May 2007 all owners and tenants of properties of properties that have water resource equipment must apply for an appropriate usage title/license by May 31st. 2009. This title request is compulsory for all land owners that may have any form of (illegal) hydric resources such as: Read more →

Energy Certificate

Energy Certificate – Certificado Energética. Some of you may have heard already that also Portugal has to comply with European legislation. One of them is new legislation related to energy and efficiency certificates. In fact this energy certificate has been introduced already on 1st. of June 2007 which is called phase 1. Read more →