Buying and Selling

Insights into what is involved in buying, selling & living in Portugal

Buying off-plan

Property Developers often sell some or all of their properties before they have finished building them. This is known as selling “Off Plan”. The main attraction for members of the public to buy “Off Plan” is to save money. Property in Portugal is still growing in value and, by paying a deposit to secure today’s prices rather than paying a higher price at completion, profits can appear to be certain. Read more →

Documents needed for title Deed

In order to complete a purchase of property, a number of documents are required and must be delivered to the Notary’s office at least one week before the date booked for signing the Deed of Transfer known as the Escritura. These are: A registration certificate. This is issued by the Land Registry (Conservatório do Registo Predial and is valid for six months and shows who is the owner and if there are any mortgages or encumbrances registered on the property. Read more →

Buying, Selling and Cost 2018

The legal regulations are very specific when buying a property in Portugal; however, it is always advisable to use qualified legal advice from a lawyer, solicitor or experienced person in this field. It is also important to insure that any plans in the Town hall referring specifically to the property do physically agree with the existing construction. Read more →