Documents needed when selling

Buying and Selling property in 2021.

It is always advisable to seek independent advice, from a lawyer, solicitor of another specialist.

It is important to verify of the plans approved of your house by the local Town Council are in line what is really build. An object destined for permanent living needs to have the following documents.

  • A “Caderneta Urbana and/or Caderneta Rustic” issued by the local Tax department.
  • A certified copy of the registration of your property in the Conservatory. (Conservatório) = Certidão de Teor
  • Habitation licenses for properties build after Augustus 7th. 1951 or
  • If not available or the lack of it’s declaration from the local Town Council that the property was built before August 7th. 1951. (In fact all alterations done after that date should have obtained permission from the Town council

For properties which have obtained a Habitation license after March 2005 also F.T.H. (Ficha Technica de Habitação) is needed. This is the logbook of the house.

  • A full set of plans as approved by the C.M. Town hall (Telas Finais)
  • Proof of payment of all taxes of the past 5 years or a Declaration of no Debts.
  • An energy certificate for all houses built after 1951 (Certidão Energética)
  • A license for your borehole (furo) or septic tank (fossa-septica)
  • Permission for your Lake (Barragem) or any other water source.
  • Copy of your Fiscal card (N.I.F.)
  • Copy of your Residence card
  • Copy of your passport or identity card.
  • Power of Attorney from seller
  • I.D. of person holding P.o.A.
  • Rules and Regulations of the Condominium in case of an apartment.
  • Minutes of the last 2 years of the Condominium meetings
  • Certificate of no debts with Condominium
  • In case of a company selling the RCBE declaration

In order to submit your IRS declaration, we need the following documents:

  • Original or copy of the title deed when you purchased the property (Escritura).
  • Original or copy of the payment of Sisa or IMT (transfer tax)
  • Original or copy of the invoice of the Notary fees when purchased.
  • Original or copy of the fee from Conservatoria
  • Original or copy of the receipts (recipes) of the Estate Agent involved in the sale.
  • Official receipts of improvements of the last 5 years prior to the sale.
  • In case the house was built by you all official invoices from builders.
  • In case the property is held by an offshore company also the following documents:
  • Proof of no debts = Certificate of good standing.
  • Power of Attorney
  • Share certificate
  • Nominee share holders’ declaration
  • In case of a commercial object:
  • A habitation license (Licença de Utilização).
  • Town councils and local tax departments interpret laws and regulations sometimes differently for which reason we always must do additional research especially when it refers to rural properties

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