Insights into what is involved in buying, selling & living in Portugal

Social Security in Spain

Find your way around Spain’s social security system. Learn about who contributes, how much, and the many benefits. Anyone who is working in Spain must typically register and pay into social security, whether you are a Spanish citizen or an expat with a work visa. Workers in Spain pay higher social security contributions than the OECD average. Read more →

Heat Pump Glossary

Heat Pump Glossary A Air Handler: The indoor component of a heating and cooling system that circulates air throughout a building. Air Source: A type of heat pump that extracts heat from the air and transfers it elsewhere to raise or lower the temperature of a space. Air to Air: A variety of air source heat pump that collects heat from external air and deposits it into the air in an indoor space that needs to be heated, or collects heat from indoor air and disposes of it outside to cool an indoor space. Read more →

Property Portals

Please find below some of the major property portals to find the property you are looking for. The list below is based on finding a property in Portugal Beverywhere: - The Only Way To Sell Your Property 1. Idealista idealista — Real estate in Portugal. Houses and apartments for sale and rent Read more →

Importing a car

Whether you live in Portugal, you are retired in Portugal or you are considering moving to Portugal, if you are planning to import a car to Portugal, there are some things you need to know. We thought it would help you if we elaborated a guide on how to import a car to Portugal. Read more →


**![Bankdash]( =220x34)** Credit Unions Banks Survey Results Mortgage Rates: Everything You Need to Know By Editorial TeamApril 13, 2022Updated:April 13, 2022No Comments12 Mins Read ![mortgage-rates-feature-image]( “Mortgage Rates: Everything You Need to Know” =1200x574) Getting a mortgage is an essential step that almost all of us have to go through in the home buying process. Read more →

Corporate Income Tax (IRC)

CORPORATE INCOME TAX All companies earning income in Portugal are subject to Corporate Income Tax (IRC). This page provides information on the following: Registration to pay Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Income to which Corporate Income Tax (IRC) applies Rates of Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Exemptions from Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Reporting obligations Payment of Corporate Income Tax (IRC) Archiving of records. Read more →

Schools in the Lagos area

COMMUNITY 1/09/20 Back to School 2020 Parents will be heaving an even bigger sigh of relief this September when kids head back to school, many for the first time since March. Tomorrow has compiled this special report on how the state school system works in Portugal for anyone wishing to enrol their children for the new school year. Read more →

Cost setting up a Portuguese company

Cost setting up a Portuguese company Setting up a Portuguese company may now be a better option then the old off-shore structure. Things have changed and what was the thing to so 20 years is from the past. A Portuguese company should have at least: a name share capital shareholders directors an official accountant We can assist in co-operation with our solicitor, with the formation of a company and the following cost will be involved. Read more →