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New ID Card for Residents

New ID cards – a digital revolution The Portuguese government is launching a new citizenship card for registered foreigners in Portugal, as part of the ‘Simplex + 2018’ programme. The aim is to streamline administration of all foreign citizens and reduce much of the country’s bureaucracy. The Ministry announced that the new card will be issued in the final quarter of 2019. Read more →

Last day for paying Rates

I.M.I. / Rates / O.Z.B. over 2017 Today the 30th. of April 2018 is the last day to pay the IMI / Rates related to 2018. What happens if you do not pay in time (that is before 24:00 p.m. today) You will start paying interest for late payment. Every year the Government decides which percentage will apply. Read more →

Bush fire prevention

Welcome to our 5th Definitive Guide to Rural Fire Protection and Land Cleaning. This special edition marks Civil Protection Day 1st March. Providing a safe environment is important to our quality of life here in Portugal. Fires in rural areas pose a risk to communities including: ourselves, our families, friends, animals and properties. Read more →

Delaware not included in black-list

Recent speculation and articles in the local (Algarve) press that Delaware may have been blacklisted by the EU caused a great deal of concern amongst Algarve property owners whose properties are held in Delaware companies. Now that the list has been published, with no mention of Delaware, the Algarve Resident requested clarification of the current situation from both EuroFinesco and The Sovereign Group. Read more →

Demise of Offshore Property Companies.

Offshore Property Companies - storm clouds on the horizon For many years, Offshore Property Companies have been a popular solution, although sometimes practices could be a bit “grey” in nature. Due to repeated problems with tax evasion, Portuguese legislation eventually changed, penalising these structures, writes Dennis Swing Greene. Offshore Companies began to suffer an array of punitive measures that turned them untenable. Read more →