Cost setting up a Portuguese company

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Cost setting up a Portuguese company

Setting up a Portuguese company may now be a better option then the old off-shore structure. Things have changed and what was the thing to so 20 years is from the past.

A Portuguese company should have at least:

  1. a name
  2. share capital
  3. shareholders
  4. directors
  5. an official accountant

We can assist in co-operation with our solicitor, with the formation of a company and the following cost will be involved.

Total cost to set up a Portuguese company (Ldª) will be about € 2.500,00 in total.

  • Formation of company (obtaining company name approval, drafting company contract and statutes, preparing and submitting registration of company) - € 500,00
  • RCBE after formation - € 50,00
  • Certification of signatures on contract of formation - € 20,00
  • VAT 23% - € 131,10

Besides those, the clients still have to consider:

  • RNPC name approval - € 75,00 each request
  • CRC registry of company - € 447,50
  • Other charges may be incurred if the clients still do not have Portuguese tax numbers, such as certification of passports and proof of address - € 15,00 + VAT each certification.

My company fees to assist and guide:

  • ROBAN or Pargo ReAct Lda € 750, 00 + IVA

Please realise that after setting up a company there are manual and annual expenses.

An accountant will charge you abour € 200 p/m (depending on work)

The directors can or acnnot have a salary but have to pay Caixa (Social Security Contribution), although in some cases you can apply for exemption.

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