Real Estate

Insights into what is involved in buying, selling & living in Portugal

Property Portals

Please find below some of the major property portals to find the property you are looking for. The list below is based on finding a property in Portugal Beverywhere: - The Only Way To Sell Your Property 1. Idealista idealista — Real estate in Portugal. Houses and apartments for sale and rent Read more →

Documents needed when selling

It is always advisable to seek independent advice, from a lawyer, solicitor of another specialist. It is important to verify of the plans approved of your house by the local Town Council are in line what is really build. An object destined for permanent living needs to have the following documents. Read more →


What is it and what does it entail Conveyancing is the legal term for processing the paperwork involved in buying and selling property and transferring the deeds of ownership. In Portugal, some aspects of conveyancing, such as drawing up the deeds and witnessing the signatures, can be performed only by a public notary (notário). Read more →

I.M.T. - 2018

IMT – Tabelas Práticas 2018 (CONTINENTE – HABITAÇÃO PRÓPRIA E PERMANENTE) Valor sobre que incide o IMT (€) Taxa marginal a aplicar (%) Parcela a abater (€) Até 92.407 0 0 De mais de 92.407 até 126.403 2 1.848,14 De mais de 126.403 até 172.348 5 5.640,23 De mais de 172. Read more →

Commissions rate

Agents face a world of lower commissions New ways of working are imposing a world of lower commission rates on overseas property agents. Online marketing, online lead generation, the economic slump, more sophisticated buyers questioning agency or introducer payment terms, smaller down-payments and a glut of bank repossessions are all combining to push average commission rates down to low single figures in a number of key markets. Read more →