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Algarve Resident Feb. 2007

FACING UP to the complex licensing legislation affecting holiday rental properties which, to date shows no signs of being altered, one Algarve villa rental agency has launched a service to prepare licence applications for its clients. Caspo Business, based in Praia do Carvoeiro, has chosen to remove all rental properties from its website until owners obtain the licença de utilização turística needed to make villas and apartments legal for rental to holidaymakers. Read more →

Rentals and no progress

Lack of progress on holiday property licensing By CAROLINE CUNHA DESPITE THE efforts of various organisations in the Algarve and the lobbying of MPs and business groups, no progress has been made in relation to solving the licensing problem concerning the rental of private properties to holidaymakers. The Resident reported in January that government inspectorate, the Inspecção-Geral das Actividades Económicas (IGAE), now renamed Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica (ASAE) had been making surprise inspections at villa rental agencies across the Algarve, particularly in the Almancil area. Read more →

Again about rentals.

Are you renting your property to vacationers? By PEDRO MIGUEL IN THE previous article, I wrote about the New Urban Rentals Law. It was dedicated to those renting property for permanent living. This article is dedicated to those renting to vacationers, a very common practice in the Algarve and one that is normally in the mind of those who buy an apartment or villa in the region. Read more →

Newsletter 2 April 2006

Commission formed to solve tourist property rental… Commission formed to solve tourist property rental licensing problems AS A result of a meeting to discuss the current situation affecting the tourist property rental sector, held last Friday at Vilamoura’s Hotel Ampalius and organised by Portuguese local newspaper, Região Sul, a special commission has now been formed to meet with the government concerning this issue. Read more →

Newsletter April 1 Rentals

151-E Rentals Info as publiced in AFPOP magazine April issue. Rental Licences Recently there have been many press articles on the subject of Letting Licences and many members affected by the issue are in a panic. Because of the lack of coordination between Inspectors, Tourist Office and Câmaras, many owners rightfully fear a Catch 22. Read more →

Newsletter March 3

150-E Rental licenses again. Disappointed but not defeated: property rental licensing row continues ACCORDING TO those who attended the meeting on March 15 at the Direcção-Geral de Turismo (DGT), the general directorate for tourism, to debate the application of legislation responsible for regulating the licensing of properties for tourism purposes, “it was nothing but a bad joke”. Read more →

Newsletter March 2006 - 2

Dear Rental Algarve client, **In addition to my earlier letters please find press releases from Algarve News papers indicating that it does not seems to be all good news. ** RS The Algarve Resident Has D-Day dawned for property rental licensing? A MEETING was due to be hosted by the Direcção-Geral de Turismo (DGT), the general directorate for tourism, in Lisbon on Wednesday of this week (March 15), the day after this issue of The Resident went to press, to debate the application of Decree Law 55/2002, which regulates the licensing of properties for tourism purposes, reports The Resident’s Caroline Cunha. Read more →

Newsletter March 2006 - 1

Dear client, As promised I will try to keep you up-dated on the situation on the rental issue. We have several indications that the authorities are taken our fight seriously. In a previous letter I indicated that the authorities promised us that in the first half of March we could expect some info from them. Read more →

Property licening

Dear property owner, We have recently informed you about the problem arisen as a result of inspections carried out by the Min. of Economics. Rental agents as well as property owners have been fined, for which reason we had to decide to postpone our rental activities through our agency. The last couple of weeks meetings have taken place at the highest regional level in order to make the authorities aware of the enormous impact these action can have on Algarves economy, nearly totally depending on tourism. Read more →