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What to with an offshore in 2020?

What to do with an off-shore company anno 2020 Many of us, including myself, decided in the late nineties – early 20th. century to put their property in an offshore structure and maybe even put it in Trust. Basically, there are 3 ways you could have acquired the shares of an offshore company: Read more →

Demise of Offshore Property Companies.

Offshore Property Companies - storm clouds on the horizon For many years, Offshore Property Companies have been a popular solution, although sometimes practices could be a bit “grey” in nature. Due to repeated problems with tax evasion, Portuguese legislation eventually changed, penalising these structures, writes Dennis Swing Greene. Offshore Companies began to suffer an array of punitive measures that turned them untenable. Read more →

Re Valuation of properties in 2012

Together with the proposed 2012 Portuguese Budget is a document proposing rectification to the 2003 general property reform. The 2003 changes established a 10 year period to achieve a general revaluation for tax purposes of all property in Portugal. In addition the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the economic assistance promised earlier this year to Portugal by the EU and IMF established a promise that the conclusion of the general revaluation should be achieved by the end of 2012. Read more →