Newsletter 2 April 2006

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Commission formed to solve tourist property rental…

Commission formed to solve tourist property rental licensing problems

AS A result of a meeting to discuss the current situation affecting the tourist property rental sector, held last Friday at Vilamoura’s Hotel Ampalius and organised by Portuguese local newspaper, Região Sul, a special commission has now been formed to meet with the government concerning this issue.

Around 170 people attended the all-day meeting including Faro Civil Governor, António Pina, the presidents of Loulé and Albufeira Câmaras (the two boroughs most affected by the licensing issues), the president of the Metropolitan Area of the Algarve, Mácario Correia, representatives from all the relevant trade bodies and the Socialist and Social Democrat MPs for the Algarve, David Martins and José Mendes Bota, among others. One notable absentee was the Secretary of State for Tourism, Bernardo Trindade, the man who could effectively drive through a change in the legislation, but who, although having been invited, declined the invitation to attend.

The Resident spoke to Aníbal Moreno, president of the Almancil Business Association, who attended the event. “I think it was a positive meeting. Everyone there, including the câmara presidents, agreed that the current legislation relating to the licensing of property for tourist rental purposes must be altered.

“What is a big step forward is that we now have the support of the Civil Governor, the representative from the government in the Algarve, who recognises that the legislation is a problem and has agreed to be the spokesperson for a commission being set up to address this issue,” he said.

Moreno explained that an agreement needs to be reached between the associations, the câmaras, the Algarve Tourism Board and the MPs, in order to present one solution to the government. It is expected that this agreement

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