Insights into what is involved in buying, selling & living in Portugal

Importing a car

Importation/Registration The easiest way of acquiring a vehicle with valid Portuguese registration documents is to purchase a new vehicle from an authorised agent in Portugal who will register the vehicle for you. This has the added advantage of having agents close by to provide service, guarantees, and spare parts. However, importation is an option and there can be tax advantages for new residents from within the EU who import a vehicle they have owned for more than 12 months. Read more →

Registration of Hydric Resources

Registry of Hydric/Water Resources Accordingly to the law 226A dated the 31st of May 2007 all owners and tenants of properties of properties that have water resource equipment must apply for an appropriate usage title/license by May 31st. 2009. This title request is compulsory for all land owners that may have any form of (illegal) hydric resources such as: Read more →