The Algarve, upcoming active holiday destination

The Algarve, the upcoming active holiday destination for the keen sporter.

The Algarve is best known as a premium golfing destination, but the truth, it has so much more to offer for those seeking active holidays.

With people becoming more health-conscious and understanding the benefits of being active, the travel sector has witnessed a huge growth in active travel over the past decade.

Tourism bodies, travel companies, and hotels around the world have picked up on this trend and are tapping into this thriving and exciting market, and the Algarve is no different.

Although the pandemic has single-handedly put a stop on travel, it is expected that active and sports-related travel will be one of the first to pick up once things get back to “normal”. Find out some of the best sporting activities available in the Algarve, and the best places to stay!

Active Holidays in the Algarve

During my time as a real estate agent, I have had so many clients want to move to Portugal to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors. Over recent years, there has been a huge influx of people looking to escape the rat race in their countries and connect more with nature and setting up Yoga retreats, and other types of active travel-related companies.

The West Coast of the Algarve offers some of the best surfing conditions in Europe. The number of surf schools and camps has just been multiplying over the years. The calmer waters of the south coast offer top conditions for other kinds of water sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, just to name a few.

Walking holidays in the Algarve are also growing in popularity. This is partly thanks to the Portuguese tourism boards and local councils who have set up designated walking routes in the Algarve. You can find numerous walking routes in Algarve on the Via Algarviana Website.

Cycling Holidays in the Algarve

The Algarve also offers a great variety of terrains and mountain bike routes for riders of all levels. From scenic coastal routes to quiet country road to amazing descents in the Monchique mountain range. Visit the Mountain Bike Adventure based near Lagos for bike rentals, guided tours, shuttle services and more.

Over the coming years, I expect the Algarve to become extremely popular for road cycling holidays. The amazing climate and good infrastructure will help attract not only amateur cyclists but also cycling professional teams as a base for their training camps. It will become an excellent alternative to the already popular cycling destinations of Mallorca, Girona and the Canary Islands.

Hotels are already picking up on cycling travel. The Monchique Resort & Spa already fully cater to cyclists, with on-site cycling centres, facilities, and services available. Its unique setting by Caldas de Monchique not only an amazing starting point for a variety of cycling routes but offers some of the best wellness and recovery options.

The Cascade Wellness Resort Algarve in Lagos is another sports resort that is not only cycling-friendly but has premium sporting facilities including a 1000 m2 gym, outdoor spinning area, aerobic classes, yoga and Pilates. Its football academy has been the training camp base for the Dutch national football team as well as many others.

The best Algarve active holiday hotels

Many other hotels in the Algarve have seen the potential and demand in active travel, fitness and sports travel, and have picked up on them. They have invested in upgrading and adding to all their sporting facilities. They offer all sorts of special packages including cycling packages, fitness boot camps, yoga retreats, detox programmes, and much more.

So, whether you prefer water sports, walking, biking, or looking for fitness programs from the comfort of your hotel, then the Algarve should be high up on your list for your next active holidays. dedicates to promoting premium sports hotels, clearly highlighting all the sporting facilities, targeting a niche market of cyclists and triathletes and has included the Algarve in its portfolio.

Does an active holiday in the Algarve also sound interesting to you? Then click the link below to see all the premium sports hotels available in the Algarve.

Algarve Hotels for Sports Lovers

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