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Social Security for self-employed in Spain

Who must pay social security in Spain? If you work in Spain, you must pay Spanish taxes and register with the Spanish Social Security service. This registration is valid for life. You also pay contributions into the Spanish social security system in order to access its benefits. As a general rule, you must be employed and be paying contributions in order to be covered for illness, injuries, and accidents at work, unemployment, and maternity and paternity leave. Read more →

Inheritance tax in Spain

Every Autonomous Community has its own regulations about the Spanish inheritance tax. Who is bound by the Spanish inheritance tax Taxpayers who have their habitual residence in Spain, regardless of where are located the properties or rights inherited. Are also required to pay the tax, the non-residents in Spain receiving property and / or rights located in Spain by the way of inheritance. Read more →

Income tax Spain on Rental Income

Taxation of rental properties in Spain The tax implications of renting out a Spanish property Introduction There are various situations to consider: you receive rental income from a Spanish property but are not resident in Spain. For example if you buy a holiday home which you use but occasionally rent out. Read more →

Owning Spanish Property in a company

International company structures established in decades gone by to help wealthy owners of property in Spain avoid tax are now a ticking time-bomb for some, as the Spanish tax authorities set their sights on them. “International company structures, with some owned by double or triple vehicles involving a Spanish company belonging to a foreign company and, in many cases, a Trust on top, were the arrangement of choice recommended by leading international tax advisory firms to wealthy investors from the 70s to the 2000s,” explains Fernando Del Canto. Read more →

Is it still worth it?

There was a time in which not a single Spanish law firm that prided itself would pass on the opportunity to heartily recommend its affluent non-resident client base (and even foreign residents) to acquire and own property in Spain by means of corporate structures ranging from the simple to the overtly complex often involving a multijurisdictional approach. Read more →