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Law about Local Lodging (AL)

Diário da República, 1st Series— Nº 178 — September 14, 2009 ECONOMY AND INNOVATION MINISTRY Decree-Law nº 228/2009 of September 14 […] ANNEX Republication of Decree-Law nº 39/2008 of March 7 CHAPTER I General provisions Article 1 Object This decree-law enacts legislation governing the setting up, running and functioning of tourism enterprises. Read more →

New Tourist Rental License

Tourist rental licensing process simplified With more than 330,000 bed spaces rented out illegally in the Algarve, the government has simplified the licensing process in the hope that more owners apply for the tourist rental licence and declare rental income. In the meantime, ASAE will step up inspections of illegally rented properties. Read more →