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Last day for paying Rates

I.M.I. / Rates / O.Z.B. over 2017 Today the 30th. of April 2018 is the last day to pay the IMI / Rates related to 2018. What happens if you do not pay in time (that is before 24:00 p.m. today) You will start paying interest for late payment. Every year the Government decides which percentage will apply. Read more →

A.I.M.I. Additional Rates Tax

A.I.M.I. or additional I.M.I. (rates) At the end of December 2016 the Portuguese parliament as part of the yearly State budget related to 2017 approved a new law also known as: DL 42/2016 of 28-12-2016. In future we will refer to this as A.I.M.I. which stands for “Adicional Imposto Municipal Imobiliário” a complementary tax to the I. Read more →