Insights into what is involved in buying, selling & living in Portugal

Building on agriculture land

In general, building in the country is difficult and very limited. Although there is general legislation, each town council can set their own set of rules what is allowed in certain areas. Besides the differentiation between REN (national ecological reserved) be and RAN (national agriculture reserved) we also have National Parks, Maritime zoning and more. Read more →

Project Management

Introduction: Although the term Project Management is becoming more familiar, it is evident that many people are still uncertain about the nature of services provided. Perhaps the most important aspect to point out is that all services stem from the same objective, to represent and protect the client’s interests throughout the entire engagement. Read more →

Building restrictions in Portugal

Building restrictions in the past In the old days “before 1994” we were used that planning consent could be obtained on nearly every plot of land as long as it had a kind of approval of the local Ministry of Agriculture that part of the land could be used for the construction of a house. Read more →

Building and Architects

The majority of people coming to the Algarve to purchase a property will firstly consider buying an existing property. This seems the easiest and fastest way as the advantage is there: Less hassle One knows what one gets Gardens laid on and mature Ready to move in Building new takes a lot of time Who do I trust and use if I build new There are however for certain people also disadvantages: Read more →