New Car tax system 2008

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Car tax in 2008

This tax is payable each year on each motor vehicle which you own. Starting in 2008 the tax will be paid on the anniversary of the vehicle or the Portuguese licence plate when the car is imported.

You will need both your Livrete and your Titulo de Registo de Propriedade or you “Documento Unico” for the vehicle and your fiscal number and Identification. At the Treasury in your local Finanças you will provide these documents and may pay your tax and receive your receipt, the stamp to put in your car window will no longer be provided and only a proof of payment is necessary.

The amount of tax varies according to the cubic capacity of the engine and for cars registered after 1st July 2007 the CO2 emission will also taken into account. New cars purchased in Portugal will have the CO2 emission stated in their specifications and imported cars will be subject to a technical inspection which will determine the CO2 emission.

In all cases you must carry the payment receipted.

The following tables give you the rates for 2008.

Table of Tax for vehicles matriculated before the 1st July 2007

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