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Letter to me of one of my clients:

Dear Business Partners,

You probably remember about 6 months ago I shared with you the “inside information” I got at that time concerning the future strategy of the most feared (economical) Portuguese police force ASAE in relation to their “hunt for so called illegal tourist beds”. At that time the conclusion was that ASAE should start its intensive inspections as from the 2009 summer period for reaching a climax the whole 2010 year around.

You have to know that in the context of the extremely bad economical/financial situation of the Portuguese state, since a couple of years the government has only one and unique goal: trying “to steal as much money as possible everywhere where they can find it” . As such in the meantime the bank secrecy has been abolished, the taxmen have hands free to seize “whatever they feel necessary”, last week the taxmen got a new tool: they may exam (read: severely punish) every case of what they call “doubtful signs of wealth” and yesterday the cherry on top of the cake was “the activation” of an old law stating everybody has to get a license for a cistern, a borehole, a well, etc. If you forget to do that before 31 May, it will cost you the unique fine of…. 25.000 €….´

This is important in the context of the future ASAE inspections: till now “a normal ASAE fine” was between 10 and 15.000 € but as from now everybody is convinced that “the new tariff” will be also about 25.000 € per infraction. And not only for the owner of the premises but also for the renting company and or the management company if this company also takes care of the renting activities of the property.

The colleagues who got their license in the meantime are at ease now, but for those who did not yet undertake the necessary steps they better to hurry up before it will be too late.

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